That’s the way to treat computers!

I went on a little day trip to York today. I’ll be posting a proper report with lots of pictures later, but I just had to get this uploaded.

It seems the fancy display screens are running Windows NT 4. This one seems to have a slight technical problem.

Technical Problem

Fortunately, the highly trained staff are on hand to fix it:

Reboot it

Yes, that’s a broom he’s using. I’d never thought of using a broom to reset a PC before. Just goes to show that you can learn something every day. But what’s this?

It's Broken

This picture isn’t all that clear, but my professional diagnosis is that either the computer has a floppy left in the drive, or the hard disk is ever so slightly broken.

While that was going on, the screen to the right seemed to be stuck in a never ending reboot cycle.

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