York visit 2 – Jorvik

After Clifford’s Tower, I strolled round to Coppergate (quite close by) and the Jorvik centre. I hadn’t been before, and it’s been on my mental list for years[1]. A few warnings: it’s not cheap (£7 or so for adults) and in the summer it’s very busy, and it’s probably worth booking in advance.

Anyway, the Jorvik centre is basically as accurate a reconstruction of York (or Jorvik[2] as it was then known) in the ninth century, based on the results of a huge archaeological dig on the site of what is now a shopping centre[3]. You enter at ground level, then go down to the level of the dig. There’s a moderately silly “time machine” ride with a bit of video showing your progress[4] into the past. Then comes the main event. You sit in a simulator-style seat, with speakers behind your head[5]. This then takes you on a tour of the recreated town. You see the houses and workshops of the Viking residents of Jorvik, with models of some of the people. The faces of the people are based on reconstructions from bones found on the site. The last stage shows some of the actual excavations. Your ride then comes to a gentle stop, and you can then look at an exhibition of some of the artefacts found in the dig, before going upstairs to the usual shop.

Jorvik is definitely one of those things you should see at least once. It’s fun (if a little smelly[6]) and moderately informative.

[1] Before it was redone and relaunched in 2001, even
[2] Hence the name :smile:
[3] See the Jorvik website for details
[4] Regress?
[5] The helpful staff warned me not to hit my head on them. Oh, and a choice of languages is available
[6] Yes, they try to recreate the smell of the Viking town :shock:

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  1. Les

    Footnotes are an essential part of the character of this site.[1] And I happen to know that you really love them![3]

    [1] See?[2]
    [2] It just wouldn’t be the same without them, would it?
    [3] I can get you some more at a very reasonable price

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