York visit 6 – a few more buildings

After the Museum Gardens, I walked across the Lendal bridge, looked over to the old building where my company[1] used to have an office, and got this picture of the tower at the end of the bridge.

Lendal Tower

Finally, I walked back across town to Mickelgate[2], another old street which features lots of old shops, which I didn’t have time to really look at.
I took a couple of pictures of the Mickelgate Bar before heading to the station for my train home.

Mickelgate Bar

Mickelgate Bar

There’s a lot to see in York, and I only had time for part of it. There are a few more museums, an art gallery (well, that’s closed for refurbishment at present) and much more. I’ll be going back – stay tuned for the next York visit!

[1] That’s the one I work for, not one I own, I hasten to add
[2] Note to anyone who doesn’t know York: anything called “Somethinggate” is a street. The gates in the city walls are called “Bars”, even though you can’t get a drink in any of them.