York visit 1 – Clifford’s Tower

Having taken the week off[1], I decided to actually do something with the time rather than just the usual drifting between home, Newcastle and the MetroCentre. I managed to get out at a reasonably civilised hour[2] and took a train ride to York. York is a lovely place to visit, with lots to see, including the wonderful National Railway Museum, which I’ve visited a couple of times. However, this time I wanted to see some of the more historical parts of the city.

First stop was Clifford’s Tower, the last remnant of the old Norman Castle. The tower stands on an imposing mound:

Clifford's Tower 1

and it’s just a short walk from the main part of the city centre. If you happen to be in York, be sure to have a look. Be careful though – the tower is on top of that steep mound, accessible only by a steep flight (55 steps, I think) of stairs. And inside:

Clifford's Tower 1

there are a load more stairs – of the narrow spiral kind. But they’re worth climbing for the superb views over the city:

York View 1

York View 2

York View 3

Inside the tower, there’s the inevitable shop selling souvenirs, a few small displays and this nifty model of what the tower and the adjoining castle may well have looked like in the past:

Castle model

Leaving the tower, I looked back to take one more picture:

Note the stairs

before moving on. But that’s a story for another post.

[1] I generally take the week my birthday falls in as holiday. Makes it a little easier to deal with getting yet another year older
[2] Before noon, even!

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