A walk along the coast – part 2

As I walked further north, I got closer to St Mary’s Island:

St Mary's Island

The Lighthouse

After what turned out to be quite a long walk, I finally reached the causeway leading to the island. At high tide, the causeway is completely covered by the sea, cutting off the island. During the summer months, the lighthouse is open to the public all week, but at this time of year, it’s weekends only, so I couldn’t climb it and enjoy the view. But I did get a good look at it from the outside:

The Causeway

The Lighthouse - Closer

I walked around the small island and could clearly see the huge wind turbines further up the coast at Blyth:

Rocks and Blyth

Then it was back along the causeway to the mainland. As I wanted to get a lot more done, rather than walk back the way I had come, I took the bus back to Whitley Bay for the next part of the walk…

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