A walk along the coast – part 3

On my way south to Tynemouth Priory, I saw signs of piracy


and someone flying a quite large kite:

Kite Flying

Tynemouth Priory is a glorious ruin now (and has been for centuries). Just imagine how it must have looked when it was complete! It must have been visible from far out at sea…

Approaching the Priory

The Priory

The Priory shares a site with a castle and an old gun battery. There’s also a modern Coastguard station nearby, making a fascinating mix of buildings. There wasn’t time to go in and look around properly on this visit, so I’ll be going back to take some more pictures. In the meantime, here’s the castle:

Castle Entrance

After that, I walked up to Tynemouth Metro Station, and rode one stop to North Shields, where I took the bus to the Royal Quays outlet centre for some shopping and a very late lunch. Then, I headed for home.

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