A walk along the coast – part 1

Now this is something I haven’t done in ages. It used to be a regular thing on a day off, or maybe a Sunday afternoon, to take the Metro to Whitley Bay, then walk along the coast to Tynemouth. What with one thing and another (laziness, spending too long on the net, that kind of thing), I haven’t got round to it for ages. However, I persuaded myself to get out and get walking. It’s been so long since I went there that I managed to forget the route I meant to walk from the Metro station :rolleyes:

So, rather than getting straight to the coast from Monkseaton and starting near St Mary’s lighthouse, I found myself in Whitley Bay. After walking through the town centre, I headed for the sea front, from where, looking to the north, the lighthouse at St Mary’s Island was clearly visible:

St Mary's Island

passing by the old Spanish City, which was immortalised[1] in the Dire Straits song Tunnel of Love. I’d heard that the amusement park behind the building had closed, but I was quite surprised to see that a school had been built there. The domed building is looking rather sad now. It’s been a landmark for many years, and it’s a shame that it’s not being used:

Spanish City 1

Spanish City 2

One new feature was this odd grouping. I think I like it…

Big sandcastles?

Or seats?

I then headed north to St Mary’s Island, taking a few pictures of the coastline along the way:

Looking South

On the way, I saw a quite nice little bridge

Dinky bridge

and a very soggy mini golf course[2]


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[1] Can I say that?
[2] People[3] were actually playing, of course :rolleyes:
[3] Well, golfers, anyway. I’ve often suspected that they’re a different species…..

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