Off again…

Yes, it’s back into the routine of the regular visits to London. Up at some hideous hour in the middle of the night[1] to make sure I get out in plenty of time to catch the 6:30 train. It’s not so bad when the weather’s warmer and the mornings are lighter, but at this time of year it’s really quite horrible. It’s going to be cold and dark when I leave home tomorrow, and if tonight’s weather is any guide, it’ll probably be wet, too, which means I’m going to have to make sure I get out early enough to catch the ludicrously early bus[2], which means I’ll get to the station much earlier than I need to, mutter, mutter.

Then it’s the usual breakfast and coffee on the train, until I get to London[3], then the office. Lots to do on this visit, so it’ll be a full day’s work before I can leave for my hotel[4]. I’ll then have a bit of a rest, maybe read or watch TV or a DVD[5] before having dinner[7] and probably early to bed.

After breakfast on Wednesday, back to the office for another full day’s work before heading for home on the train[8].

Don’t expect any posts tomorrow or Wednesday…..

[1] 4:30am, more or less
[2] 5:40am, more or less
[3] 9:30am, more or less
[4] 5:00pm, more or less
[5] On the work laptop[6]
[6] Breaking the pattern of footnotes :cheesy:
[7] Most likely at the Pizza Express next to the hotel
[8] 6:00pm, more or less[9]
[9] :laugh: