Super Furry Animals – Songbook

Super Furry Animals are one of those bands I’ve been peripherally aware of for quite some time now, but I’d never realised just how many of their songs I knew and indeed loved. Well, not until I bought Songbook, which is billed as containing “All 21 Singles so far…”, and pretty much does what it says on the tin.[1]

SFA are a Welsh band[2] who have been known to record songs in Welsh (and there are one or two of those here), and have lots of attitude. In a good fun way, you understand. Their songs and artwork often seem on the Dagenham side of Barking[3], and having listened to this a few times, I’ll be getting hold of some of the albums to hear more.

Some of the more immediately appealing tracks are:

  • Something 4 The Weekend, which may have one or two references to illict substances.
  • The Man Don’t Give A F, err The man doesn’t seem to care much :shock: . Not the kind of thing your average radio station is likely to play too often, but a lot of fun :grin:

And, as they say, many more. Utterly bonkers, highly recommended.

[1] Well, on the sticker on the outside of the pop-up sleeve.
[2] Always a good start :grin:
[3] Old joke that I may never tire of