Quatermass and the Pit

Strange discoveries are made during excavations in a London Underground station. First, small humanoid skeletons with large heads are found and dates to an incredible five million years ago. Then, a strange missile is found with some more of the skeletons inside it. Is it really a space vehicle that came to Earth in the distant past, or is it a previously unknown weapon from World War II? Why were the houses near the station abandoned decades before, and just what is the cause of the strange events in and around the station? Professor Bernard Quatermass (played by Andrew Kier) is determined to find out, despite the objections of the military…..

This is a Hammer Horror classic from 1967, based on a BBC TV serial of 1958, which was the sequel to two earlier Quatermass stories. This one has more horror and less sf (though there is an attempt at a scientific rationale for the apparently supernatural events), and is great fun. I’ve always loved it, and it’s now available on a suitably cheap DVD. There are, sad to say, no extras at all on this disc (unlike the reissues of the other two Quatermass movies), but I’m not complaining. The visual effects are very much of their time, but it’s not too creaky. Well worth watching, either on DVD (buy or borrow) or on TV (it gets revived every now and then).

Update: There’s a far superior DVD/Blu-ray release now available, which does have extras, and a superb transfer to high definition.  See here for details.

One thought on “Quatermass and the Pit

  1. christopher huggett

    I have bought the dvd of quatermass and the pit and I have just watched it.
    The story was generally very exciting, although the background sound was a little off. I liked the tense moments when the crowds become zombies and surged into streets, and Quatermass momentarily lost who he was. The actor who played The Doctor his assistant did not strike me as being particularly scared when he climbed up the crane near the end. Even the most heroic person would have screamed when the crane came down on to the demonic personage. Also I would have preferred a better ending then just the two of them, one sitting and one standing around in a deserted street. Perhaps the defence minister now regreted his attude and warmly recommeds Quatermass for accolade.

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