Back down a bit…

Maybe all the exercise is beginning to work, or maybe it’s just another one of those random fluctuation thingies. This morning’s weight was a slightly lower 206.2 pounds (14 stone 10.2 pounds, 93.5kg).

Now, I’m off to London on the stupid o’clock[1] train tomorrow. Normally, I don’t get round to exercising the night before a journey, as I have to get things done, get my bag packed and all that before getting an early night. This time, however, I decided I would do a wee bit. And waddaya know, I must have been in the right wossname state[2]. Not only did I blast through the whole routine without any breaks between exercises, but I also stepped up the number of crunch thingies on the abominable abdominal exerciser to 40 of each. Yup, 160 ouch crunches. :shock:

In London tomorrow, back late on Thursday, office party on Friday[3], and I might be going out on Saturday, so no more exercise for a while….

[1] An arbitrarily early hour. 06:30, to be precise
[2] Psychological, physiological, or whatever
[3] Not to mention the London office party tomorrow night :eek: