The Futureheads

This has been a really good year for debut albums from bands I actually want to listen to. Here’s one I bought a while ago, but haven’t mentioned before. The Futureheads are from Sunderland, which is not a great distance from Losing it[1] HQ. Their music is the kind of slightyl punky, rough-edged power pop/rock that I generally find appealing. It also has a general feeling of not being taken altogether seriously, without them feeling like a joke band[1]. On here we have such songs as Meantime and Decent Days and Night, both singles which got a reasonable degree of attention and have a cheerful sing along quality…

But for me, the highlight is the one cover version on the album. Now there are several ways a band can cover another artist’s song. There’s the “do as near a perfect copy” approach, which always seems a bit pointless to me, there’s the “do it in the same style but with our own voice so it at least sounds like we made an effort” approach, which is OK. Then there’s the “totally reinvent the thing so that it’s ours. Taken to its extremes, this can result in the listenter taking a while to recognise the song, which can be entertaining if nothing else. Well, that’s what these guys have done with the Kate Bush song Hounds of Love. It’s totally different in sound, feel and it took me a while to recognise it the first time I heard it, even though I knew they’d covered the song. At the risk of being arrested by the Pun Police, I’m going to have to describe it as, err, barking mad. It’s great fun, but manages to convey the feeling of fear that was in the original. And, having just listened to the original, I have to say that I actually prefer the cover. Now that’s something I don’t often say. Anyway, this is a good debut album, and I recommend it unreservedly.

[1] I could mention The D*r*n*e*s here, but I’d rather not draw attention to them :cheesy: