And as the year ends….

This morning’s weight is a smidgen down at 206.8 pounds (14 stone 10.8 pounds, 93.8kg).

I started keeping a daily record of my weight on January 6, when I was a somewhat heavier 223 pounds (15 stone 13 pounds, 101.2kg). That’s a fairly substantial wieght loss over the year, even if I am now about 7 pounds heavier than the lowest wieght I reached earlier in the year.

And of course, I haven’t just been losing flab, I’ve been building some muscles too, so the actual weight of fat lost is probably quite a lot more….

My aim for 2005 is to continue with the exercise and more sensible eating, and to drink more moderately too. No specific weight target as such, just to carry on and see where it leads me…..