Looking back…and forward

I’d intended to post something like this back in November, to mark one year of trying to be less of a flab monster, but what with one thing and another, I didn’t quite get round to it.[1]

Well, it’s the end of the year, and that’s as good a time as any for a look back and indeed forward.

At the beginning of November 2003, I weighed rather more than was healthy[2]. My waist measurement was 40 inches[3], which is more appropriate for a chest size. I hadn’t had any exercise to speak of in years, I would get out of breath and drip with sweat at the slightest exertion. In short, I was a physical wreck. Now, I’d been aware of that to some extent, but couldn’t make myself do anything about it. I’d tried going to the gym a couple of times, but felt far too self-concious to keep it up. [4]

Then somehow, something changed. I tend to think that there are some things you can only do when the time is right, and November 2003 was apparently the right time for me. I decided to start doing something I hadn’t done for years: walking to work. I’d done this for a few short periods in the past, mostly during good summers or the occasional bus strike, but I’d never really made a habit out of it. So, I gave it a try. At first, I’d get out of breath walking uphill to the end of my street, but this soon improved. I also cut back on the amount of food I eat at lunchtime.

After a while, I dug out the old exercise bike, then over the Christmas period last year, I found my old Bullworker, and started to use that. Then came the rowing machine, the aboninable abdominal exerciser and the new exercise bike and even the dumbells.

There have been a few periods where I’ve stopped most of the serious exercise for weeks or even months, but I’ve managed to keep walking to and from work almost every day. My weight has fallen from its hideous height, and my waist size has reduced to a more sensible 34 inches.

And I’ve got muscles. I’ve got actual, noticeable muscles in places where I never had them before. And I still feel I have some way to go. There’s still some flab to remove, and maybe some of those muscle thingies could get a bit bigger….

Apart from the obvious physical benefits of all this, I seem to have gained in other ways. I feel a little more confident and I’m more inclined to be social than I used to[6]. All good stuff.

So, where does it go from here? Dunno really. I aim to carry on in much the same way. Keep up the exercise, carry on walking to and from work[7], eat sensibly (more or less) and generally try to take better care of myself.

I also aim to keep Losing it[1] going. I’ll carry on with the daily weight reports, and try to post more material on other subjects – more reviews, more pictures, more, well, stuff.

[1] A recurring pattern in my life :grin:
[2] 235.0 pounds, or 16 stone 11 pounds, or even 106.6kg was the figure I recorded…
[3] Well, that was the size trousers I had to buy when I bought a suit a few months before then
[4] People tried telling me that there were fatter people than me there[5], but that had nothing to do with it….
[5] There were, too!
[6] It’s not entirely true to say that I used to be a hermit, but I was working on it
[7] Saving loads of money on bus fares!