Some progress on the weight front: 206.0 pounds (14 stone 10 pounds, 93.4kg) was this morning’s weight.

Managed another good workout this evening. I managed a wee bit more on the rower, going up to 13 minutes – I was aiming for 15, but decided I wanted to still have the use of my limbs afterwards. That was followed by the now traditional 160 crunches on the abominable abdominal exerciser[1], a set of Bullworker stuff and three sets of dumbell exercises.

After catching my breath, I moved on to the exercise bike and did the usual 10km, only this time I worked a wee bit harder than usual, especially towards the end of the set, recording a peak heart rate of 148, which is moderately high.

Back to work tomorrow, so I may not have quite so much energy tomorrow night. Anyway, to meet my target I only need to do one more session between now and the weekend.

[1] Accusations of masochism on a postcard, please…..