Fun day

Well, not, as it happens.

Somehow managed to forget to weigh myself this morning. :rolleyes:

Fun and games at work – the firewall in my office died when I had to reboot it, which is a bit of a problem as it means that none of our offices can receive any external email, and most of them can’t send any either. And lots of people who would normally do so can’t work from home. :sad:

Should be able to get things working tomorrow.

Definitely not up for any exercise this evening, but at least I walked to and from work today. Early start tomorrow[1], and probably another late finish. Lots more of that in the next couple of months.

[1] Another one :???:

One thought on “Fun day

  1. Les

    But I did weigh myself just before going to bed, and was pleasantly surprised to see the figure of 205.6 pounds (14 stone 9.6 pounds, 93.3kg).

    Still a bit high, but the lowest so far this year :grin

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