Vital new equipment at work

Now if there’s one thing I really love, it’s coffee. When I’m at work, I quite often don’t get round to drinking much of the lovely stuff, as I keep getting called away from my desk which means that if I make a jug of real coffee it often gets cold before I can drink it. :angry:

I’d seen these Senseo machines when they first came out, but held back from buying one as there seemed to be a distinct lack of shops stocking the special pods that they need. Well, it seems that these little beasties are catching on, as there are now at least two shops in central Newcastle selling the pods. That was enough to convince me to buy a tasteful blue Senseo coffee maker. I got it yesterday and rearranged my desk to accommodate it. It’s not at all bad. The coffee, even from the darkest roast available is nowhere near as strong as I get from my Gaggia at home, but it’s quite acceptable. The speed and convenience means that I’ll be drinking a lot more coffee at work now. :grin:

The extra coffee seems to be getting my metabolic rate up a wee bit, which might be contributing to the slight drop in my weight of late. And even if it isn’t, I like it anyway!

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