Daily Archives: Wednesday, 26th Jan 2005

Well, that was a fun night….

No weight report toiday, as I’m in London[1]. Had a fairly busy day in the office after the usual trip down[4], then had a quick drink with the London boss and headed to my hotel. I like it there, and it’s my first choice when I’m in London. What’s nice is that the rooms start from the ninth floor, with the lower part of the building being occupied by the BBC. Some rooms have quite stunning views over London[5], but this time all I could see was Barad Dur, ooops, sorry, the BT Tower[6]. Not really a problem, as I had arranged to have a wee drinkie[8] and a meal with my friend Martin, who just for once hadn’t fled the country on learning I was coming to London.

Martin called me when he got close to the hotel, and I joined him outside. I was pretty hungry at this point, so we went straight to my usual venue, the Pizza Express next door. We ordered a bottle of wine and had a nice meal. Martin then suggested we have another glass of wine each, which seemed like a good idea, so we did. He then led me further astray[9] by making me agree to another bottle of wine.

After that, I went back to the hotel and went to bed. Only to be woken up somewhere around midnight by the fire alarm. It didn’t stop, so like all the other guests, I headed down the stairs. Eleven bloody floors of the damn things. Can I tell you that it gets pretty bloody cold when you’re standing around outside a hotel in central London after midnight???

Anyway, a fire engine eventually arrived, some firefighters went into the building and checked whatever had to be checked, and then they left. All the shivering guests were then allowed back into the hotel. Back into bed at 12:30 or so.,

Managed a decent sleep after that, had some breakfast and headed into work…..

Another busy day, then back home on the train. Had a good dinner[10] and came home. Tired.

[1] Well, I say “am”, but I’m actually writing this on Saturday, so it’s more of a “was” than an “am”, but it makes more sense[2] this way, so there
[2] To me[3]
[3] I’m sure the thousands of readers can cope :rolleyes:
[4] Usual very good GNER breakfast
[5] Some of my gallery entries have examples
[6] Hey, it’s a tower, it’s associated with the ultimate force of evil[7]
[7] Ask anyone who works with telecommunications in the UK….
[8] Possibly an understatement
[9] He’s a bad influence
[10] Didn’t quite have to use brute force to get a seat in the restaurant car, but it was close…