I recently re-read the Sherlock Holmes stories for the first time in quite a few years. I got hold of a boxed set of the separate books, which being rather more portable than the omnibus editions that have been on my shelves for many years, I carried around with me and read on trains and buses. Having all the separate books allowed me to read the stories in the order they were written, which I’d never actually done before. It was interesting to see how many of the stories I’d at least partly forgotten – I’d read some of the later ones only once or twice before, I think.

Another difference this time round was my ability to visualise the locations. The last time I read Holmes, I’d hardly ever been to London, whereas now I’m very familiar with at least part of the city. I’ve walked down Baker Street many times, for instance. And in one of the stories, there’s a reference to the Langham Hotel. I’ve actually stayed there!

These are classic stories. Anyone with the slightest interest in detective stories will probably have read them at least as many times as I have, but I thought I’d mention them anyway.

Oh yes, and Holmes never said “Elementary, my dear Watson”. Not once. So there.

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