Don’t tell him, Pike!

Ahhhh, nostalgia. Dad’s Army was a long-running BBC sitcom that ran from the late 60s to the late 70s. Based around a unit of the Home Guard[1] in a small English town, and featuring some unforgettable characters, this is classic TV at its best. This DVD offers a small sample of some particularly fine episodes, including what has to be one of the funniest scenes in any sitcom ever.
The platoon has been assigned to guard the crew of a German U-Boat before they can be taken away by the regular army. The captain of the U-Boat (played by Philip Madoc) starts making a list of those who cause offense so they can be brought to account when the Germans win the war[2]. It is at this point that Pike (the youngest member of the platoon, played by Ian Lavender) starts to sing:

Whistle while you work, Hitler is a twerp, he’s half-barmy, so’s his army, whistle while you work

to which the U-Boat captain replies:

Your name will also go on the list! What is it?

and before Pike can respond, Mainwaring shouts

Don’t tell him Pike!

Wonderful stuff, worth the price of the DVD for that scene alone :grin:

[1] Volunteers ready to defend the country in the event of a Nazi invasion in World War II
[2] Leading to a lovely panto-style “Oh yes will”, “Oh no you won’t” routine between Madoc and the platooon leader Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe)

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