Daily Archives: Monday, 7th Mar 2005

Going a bit further

Woo hoo! A bit more progress! This morning’s weight was down to 203.6 pounds (14 stone 7.6 pounds, 92.4kg). Less than a pound to go and I’ll be back below the psychologicackle 14½ stone level. That will be nice :cheesy:

And if I can keep it up, maybe I can get below the even more psychologicackle 200 pound level…

Managed another good exercise session this evening. All the usual, plus an extra two minute set on the rower – a step towards the target of 20 minutes on the infernal machine. Though despite all that effort, tonight’s peak heart rate was “only” 150. Most odd.

I’m definitely making progress. All good stuff. :grin

The Last Dragon – an update

Further to yesterday’s post, I now have some more information. There’s an official site, for a start. There’s a link there for a sample video – it requires registration and the Quicktime player, not to mention either a good connection or a lot of patience[4], but it does show how good the CGI is. And for North American readers, apparently the program (sic)[1] title you need to look out for is Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real and it will be on Animal Planet some time this month.[2]

[1] Doesn’t it make you?[3]
[2] So you might have missed it already
[3] sic, that is :tongue:
[4] It’s over 20MB :grin