The Last Dragon – an update

Further to yesterday’s post, I now have some more information. There’s an official site, for a start. There’s a link there for a sample video – it requires registration and the Quicktime player, not to mention either a good connection or a lot of patience[4], but it does show how good the CGI is. And for North American readers, apparently the program (sic)[1] title you need to look out for is Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real and it will be on Animal Planet some time this month.[2]

[1] Doesn’t it make you?[3]
[2] So you might have missed it already
[3] sic, that is :tongue:
[4] It’s over 20MB :grin

One thought on “The Last Dragon – an update

  1. Kara (aka eragon's sidekick)

    SO totally addicted to dragons – I saw the programme and thought it rocked, even though the palentologist guy was not exactly – how shall we put it?- a seriously convincing actor. I don’t really care though. My sister thoguht it was all real and it really upset her when I told her it was’nt.

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