Ellipsis Eclipses

What’s that? It’s the latest piece of public art to be unveiled in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’d heard that some kind of sculpture was going to be placed outside the Gate, but I didn’t know the details. After reading a BBC Report, complete with picture, I took a stroll along there yesterday. I didn’t have my proper camera with me, but I did take a few shots from my phone. And here they are :cheesy:

2 thoughts on “Ellipsis Eclipses

  1. Les Post author

    Who? Oh, did you mean Michèle? Well, I couldn’t possibly repeat what she said about Ellipsis Eclipses – this just isn’t that kind of site, so there!

    But I suppose it’s the best I can expect from someone who goes around hoosying. Whatever that is. :laugh:

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