Content with the content?

As a regular visitor and occasional contributor to the WordPress forums, I’ve been feeling a bit left out lately. Why? Because of the Theme Competition. Now as the current design of Losing it[1] is 99%[1] identical to the default 1.5 theme and likely to stay that way[2], there’s no way I’d get involved with that.

But now there’s something else – the OSSCAS[3], organised by Organic Shadows

Hmmm, various categories there. But surely some mistake?? Shouldn’t there be a special award for the site with the most footnotes[4]?

Well, maybe someone will find something they like here…

[1] Possibly more :laugh:
[2] What with me having the graphical design skills of a halibut with poor graphic design skills and all that
[3] Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards
[4] I like footnotes :grin