Daily Archives: Saturday, 19th Mar 2005

A new (but old) interest

Some years ago[1], when I was a wee bit younger[2] I used to collect coins. I could never afford to buy anything really special, but I did have a few nice things. At some point I lost interest, and back in the early 80s when I was unemployed and short of money, I sold the few items that were worth anything[4] and eventually gave away the rest.

I never really gave the matter another thought until quite recently. I happened to look in the window of a Newcastle coin dealer and saw some things that looked interesting. I thought about it a bit, and had a few more looks in their window. And found that I was interested enough to spend some money. :grin:

The scene has changed a lot since I was last paying attention. For a start, there are a lot more commemorative coins issued these days, with the Royal Mint making a lot more coins specifically for the collectors’ market. Some of these are very attractive, and come in folders with at least moderately interesting background information.

Another big change is the Internet. The ubiquitous eBay is a good source for collector’s items. As ever, you have to be careful – some sellers do exaggerate about the condition of the coins they’re selling, but if you have a vague idea of what you’re doing, there are bargains to be had. I just need to avoid the dreaded bidding frenzy, and only bid on things that I really like, and that are not too expensive.

I’ve got a list of things to buy direct from the Royal Mint next payday. I’ll post the details when I have them. I also plan to take some pictures of the coins I collect, and put some of the nicer ones on show here.

[1] Another one of those understatement thingies :rolleyes:
[2] From about age 10 to some time in my teens[3]
[3] So we’re going back over 20 years :shock:
[4] And spent the coins that were still legal tender :tongue:


Just a week to go now! Yes, the long-awaited new Doctor Who[1] series starts. This evening, BBC2 treated us to what they called a “Doctor Who Night”, though it was a pretty short night as it was just over an hour and a half.[2] But we did get a repeat of a documentary, some trivia and a special edition of Mastermind, where all four contestants had the same specialist subject – Doctor Who. All good fun, and the winner was presented with a trophy by Christopher Ecclestone[3], which was cool.

Everything I’ve heard and seen so far leads me to think that the new series is going to be pretty damn good. It looks like Russel T Davies has managed the fine balancing act between being true to the original series and making a modern TV show with 21st century production values. Of course, as a long time fan, I’d be happy if it’s just “OK”. But it looks like it’s going to be a lot better than that.

I’ll be reporting on the first episode next weekend.

[1] They’ve got a countdown running on the site :rolleyes:
[2] Mumble, missed opportunity, mumble
[3] For those who’ve been living under rocks, or don’t like clicking my links[4], he’s the new Doctor Who
[4] If you’re one of those people, you probably don’t like my footnotes, either :rolleyes: