Just a week to go now! Yes, the long-awaited new Doctor Who[1] series starts. This evening, BBC2 treated us to what they called a “Doctor Who Night”, though it was a pretty short night as it was just over an hour and a half.[2] But we did get a repeat of a documentary, some trivia and a special edition of Mastermind, where all four contestants had the same specialist subject – Doctor Who. All good fun, and the winner was presented with a trophy by Christopher Ecclestone[3], which was cool.

Everything I’ve heard and seen so far leads me to think that the new series is going to be pretty damn good. It looks like Russel T Davies has managed the fine balancing act between being true to the original series and making a modern TV show with 21st century production values. Of course, as a long time fan, I’d be happy if it’s just “OK”. But it looks like it’s going to be a lot better than that.

I’ll be reporting on the first episode next weekend.

[1] They’ve got a countdown running on the site :rolleyes:
[2] Mumble, missed opportunity, mumble
[3] For those who’ve been living under rocks, or don’t like clicking my links[4], he’s the new Doctor Who
[4] If you’re one of those people, you probably don’t like my footnotes, either :rolleyes:

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