No change there, then

Hmmm, this morning’s weight was the same as yesterday’s – 205.0 pounds (14 stone 9 pounds, 93.0kg).

Looks like I’m taking this week off the exercise programme – didn’t feel like it last night, wasn’t planning on it tonight anyway, and I’m off to London for a couple of days tomorrow. I certainly won’t be up to it when I get home on Thursday, which just leaves Friday. Humph.

So long as I start again on Sunday, it should be OK, though. I think the odd break is probably not a bad thing. Or am I just telling myself that :huh:

One thought on “No change there, then

  1. Kat

    Sleepless night probably due to too much tea [1] and had a very pleasant surprise coming across your site [2]. I’ll definitely will be coming back to check on your progress! [3]

    [1] I know that sounds ridiculous!
    [2] The wonderful magic of the Internet..
    [3] Gosh, I love this footnote malarky.

    Thanks for cheering me up when I needed it!

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