And I’m back

Two busy days in London, including a visit to the remote outpost known as Wembley[1]. Stayed in a different (but quite nice) hotel – I might try that one again. It was a longer walk from the office, but I like the exercise, so that’s not a bad thing.

Went to my usual branch of Pizza Express[2] and had an early night on Wednesday[3], then a good breakfast and a day of setting things up, moving things around and generally making things work. Not bad. Then headed off to Kings Cross in plenty of time to catch the 18:00 train home.

I think a lot of the usual business travellers must have been on holiday this week, as the restaurant car was only about half full. Quite different from a lot of journeys where it gets full and people are actually turned away. Had a typically good dinner and a wee drop of wine, and a comfortable journey home.

No weight report, cos I didn’t bother weighing myself while still full of dinner and wine :grin:

[1] Nice view of the building site of the new stadium
[2] For solo dining, familiar is good – at least some of the staff know me, they treat me well, the food is good and the wine is gluggable :cheesy:
[3] Head down, lights off by 9:30, but woke up and read for a while at about 2am[4]
[4] Worked for me…