Moving on

First, the ever-exciting weight report: this morning’s figure was a wee bit up at 203.8 pounds (14 stone 7.8 pounds, 92.4kg).

My left arm was a bit achy earlier in the day, and my knees have been complaining when I go up stairs, but by the time I got home I was feeling better, so I decided to go for at least a partial exercise set. I started with the bike, which felt like much harder work than normal – at one point I thought I wouldn’t manage the full 10km, but I did it in the end :smile:

I then moved on to the abominable abdominal exerciser and stepped things up a bit – 45 of each exercise instead of the usual 40, making a total of 180, which is quite a lot. Ow, etc.

I followed that with the usual weights and Bullworker stuff, but decided that the rower would be a wee bit too much tonight. Maybe tomorrow, we shall see, and all that. Tune in for the next exciting installment :rolleyes:

Without the fun and frolics on the rowing machine, my peak heart rate was a mere 130.