Odd day

As usual, I’ll start with the enthalling weight report. I was back up a bit more to 204.4 pounds (14 stone 8.4 pounds, 92.7kg). Not unexpected after a lazy day yesterday.

Been feeling low on energy again, didn’t feel like doing very much at all today. But I managed to force myself to start some exercise this evening. Started with the bike, which felt like very hard work – my knees have definitely not been at their best lately :???: But I managed to complete that, then did a scary number of crunches (190 again), then moved on to the weights and Bullworker. And after a short rest, I managed to get on the rower and rather to my surprise, managed three sets of seven minutes. Funny thing is that even though it all felt like hard work, my peak heart rate was a relatively low 143. Most strange.

Now I wonder if I’ll be able to do that a couple more times in the coming week?