Still too high, but at least I’m not so low

Well, I did drink a whole bottle of wine last night[1], so I’m not surprised that this morning’s weight was the same as yesterday’s at 205.4 pounds (14 stone 9.4 pounds, 93.2kg).

Started the day feeling generally low, but by the time I left the office, I was feeling a lot better. But I’m taking at least another night off the exercise programme – I feel like a rest would be a Good Thing at the moment.

[1] It’s Tesco’s fault – they’ve got 30% off Australian wine, and they had the always reliable Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvgignon in stock, so I had to get a couple. And waddaya know, the 2003 WBYL[2] has now matured to the point of serious gluggability.[3]
[2] As its friends know it :cheesy:
[3] It’s one of those wines that really does improve with age. When a new vintage first appears, it’s really nothing special, but given time, it turns into something quite special.