Going down (and so’s Enterprise)

A slight improvement in my weight today: 204.6 pounds (14 stone 8.6 pounds, 92.8kg).

Watched Star Trek: Enterprise, which is creaking towards its conclusion. After the third season’s single running storyline[1], which actually worked rather well, and made me think that the series might not be completely dire, for the fourth (and final, as it turned out) season, they’ve been going for three-parters. Oh. Dear. Please. No. There’s nothing intrinsically[2] wrong with three-part stories, but so far we’ve had looooooong duuuuuulll drawn out bits that look like space fillers. And they’re raiding the Trek vaults in a rather icky manner. Oooh!!! It’s a young T’Pau! I was just relieved that none of the Vulcans we’ve met have turned out to be a young Sarek. But there’s another episode to come in the current unlikely story[3], so it may yet happen. Losing it[1] readers will probably hear me scream if it does.

Enterprise was always an oddity. It looked like they were trying to appeal to a “wider” audience than previous series, which is presumably why it starts with that bloody awful song and didn’t have the words “Star” and “Trek” in its title for the first couple of years. And by trying to appeal to everyone they managed to appeal to, well, not exactly no-one, but not a lot of people. And I still can’t deal with Scott thingy from Quantum Leap being in Trek. Mutter.

[1] Or “arc” as Hollyweird types apparently like to call that kind of thing
[2] This week’s big word :eek:
[3] Vulcans turning nasty, blowing up Earth embassy, loony xenophobic leaders, that kind of thing[4]
[4] And if I wanted to watch that, there’s more than enough party political broadcasts on at present :rolleyes: