We’ve had the decorators in again

More astute Losing it[1] readers may have noticed that we have a new look. It’s not quite finished yet, there are still a few bits and bobs[1] to tidy up, a few margins to be tweaked here and there, and the odd floorboard to be nailed down[2], but it’s in a finished enough state to be let loose on the thousands[3] of regular readers[4].

If you add any comments, you’ll see that we now support Gravatars. If you’d like your comments to be marked with your own personal image, pop over to www.gravatar.com and sign up. It’s free and mostly harmless. And can be fun :grin:

Now that’s (mostly) out of the way, we[6] can get on with catching up with the last few days’ posts!

[1] Technical expression :wink:
[2] Eh? What?
[3] Possible exaggeration
[4] And the irregular ones[5] too!
[5] Hi Twisty!!
[6] That’s an editorial “we”. As far as I know, I’m the only one here.

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