Daily Archives: Wednesday, 4th May 2005

Down a bit more

A nice weight figure this morning – down a bit more to 202.2 pounds (14 stone 6.2 pounds, 91.7kg).

I had vague thoughts of going out today, but eventually decided that I’d rather stay in and watch my Rufus DVD and catch up with a few posts here.

Tomorrow, I will be going out. Have to do that voting thing[1], go to the laundrette, and maybe a few other places.

[1] General Election. And if you think I’m getting into that, you really are thinking of another site…

Which Family Guy Character Are You?

I love Family Guy. The three seasons so far were all brilliant stuff – subversive, surreal and very strange. Great characters, some outrageously silly situations, and a lot of laughs. The good news is, there’s going to be a new series soon, thanks to a lot of fans complaining very loudly.

While you’re waiting for the new shows, you can have a go at yet another silly quiz thingy. Find out which character you are! I’m not quite sure how it worked out my result, though:

Edit: Bother. The quiz seems to have been removed. For anyone desparate to know, it alleged that I was Meg, which will come as a surprise to those friends who think I’m more like Stewie…

Another edit: Woo and indeed hoo. I’ve found another one, and this time I’ve kept the image for evidence :grin: . See my result here

Rufus Wainwright – All I Want

At the risk of being accused of being obsessive about Rufus, I have to talk about this new DVD. The main feature is the documentary All I Want – A Portrait of Rufus Wainwright. This was shown on Channel 4 late one Saturday night a few months ago, but it’s good to have it here in DVD quality. It features interviews with Rufus, family members, people who’ve worked with him and the usual rent-a-celeb famous fans (Elton John, for instance). Lots of music – some live footage, some promo videos. All the usual kind of thing. Some of the concert footage brings back happy memories of the concert I went to last month, which is a Good Thing. I think I’m going to have to compare this with my DVD recording of the broadcast version – this seems to be at least a little longer, and there are a few bits that I don’t recall seeing before[1].

Now that alone would be worth the price of the DVD. But there’s more! Full length promo videos for The One You Love, and three other songs! Live performances from Cambridge and Central Park! Studio session of more songs! Plus some bonus interviews and an exclusive new song.

This is pretty much essential viewing for Rufus fans, and for those of you who haven’t yet made his aquaintance, an ideal introduction. And then you’ll want the CDs, won’t you?

Products from Amazon.co.uk

[1] And I did watch it twice, once live, once while I was transferring the recording to DVD

Doctor Who – The Claws of Axos

No, not the latest episode in the new series, but the latest BBC DVD issue from the original series. This one stars Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, Katy Manning as Jo Grant, Roger Delgado as the original Master, plus the UNIT regulars. First shown in late March and Early April 1971 and part of Pertwee’s second season, it’s a story that stuck in my mind through all the intervening years.

An alien spacecraft lands in Southern England. The beautiful, gold-skinned occupants of Axos introduce themselves as Axons, and offer the gift of Axonite to humanity – a strange substance that makes animals grow to huge size, promising to solve the world’s food problems at a stroke. But we soon learn that things are not quite what they seem. What is the Master doing on Axos? What is the truth about the Axons? Can the Doctor save Earth yet again?[1] All good fun, even if the visual effects are a little creaky.

The usual selection of extra features are present and correct:

  • A commentary (which I haven’t listened to, so can’t comment on)
  • The usual production subtitles, which are an essential feature of these DVDs
  • A moderately interesting selection of studio material – retakes, fluffs and all
  • Looking back at the locations. Hmm, not much change there…
  • A documentary on how two of the four episodes were converted back from 525 line NTSC standard to 625 line PAL. Clever stuff.

Nowhere near as slick as the new series, but still good fun.

[1] Well, of course he can, but asking is a convention of the medium  :cheesy:

Happy Star Wars Day 2005!

What’s that, you say? No, I’m not being premature with the release of Episode III. It’s just a tradition on this day every year to wish everyone a Happy Star Wars Day.

May the Fourth be with you!

Should I start running now? :laugh: