Doctor Who – The Claws of Axos

No, not the latest episode in the new series, but the latest BBC DVD issue from the original series. This one stars Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, Katy Manning as Jo Grant, Roger Delgado as the original Master, plus the UNIT regulars. First shown in late March and Early April 1971 and part of Pertwee’s second season, it’s a story that stuck in my mind through all the intervening years.

An alien spacecraft lands in Southern England. The beautiful, gold-skinned occupants of Axos introduce themselves as Axons, and offer the gift of Axonite to humanity – a strange substance that makes animals grow to huge size, promising to solve the world’s food problems at a stroke. But we soon learn that things are not quite what they seem. What is the Master doing on Axos? What is the truth about the Axons? Can the Doctor save Earth yet again?[1] All good fun, even if the visual effects are a little creaky.

The usual selection of extra features are present and correct:

  • A commentary (which I haven’t listened to, so can’t comment on)
  • The usual production subtitles, which are an essential feature of these DVDs
  • A moderately interesting selection of studio material – retakes, fluffs and all
  • Looking back at the locations. Hmm, not much change there…
  • A documentary on how two of the four episodes were converted back from 525 line NTSC standard to 625 line PAL. Clever stuff.

Nowhere near as slick as the new series, but still good fun.

[1] Well, of course he can, but asking is a convention of the medium  :cheesy:

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