Rufus Wainwright – All I Want

At the risk of being accused of being obsessive about Rufus, I have to talk about this new DVD. The main feature is the documentary All I Want – A Portrait of Rufus Wainwright. This was shown on Channel 4 late one Saturday night a few months ago, but it’s good to have it here in DVD quality. It features interviews with Rufus, family members, people who’ve worked with him and the usual rent-a-celeb famous fans (Elton John, for instance). Lots of music – some live footage, some promo videos. All the usual kind of thing. Some of the concert footage brings back happy memories of the concert I went to last month, which is a Good Thing. I think I’m going to have to compare this with my DVD recording of the broadcast version – this seems to be at least a little longer, and there are a few bits that I don’t recall seeing before[1].

Now that alone would be worth the price of the DVD. But there’s more! Full length promo videos for The One You Love, and three other songs! Live performances from Cambridge and Central Park! Studio session of more songs! Plus some bonus interviews and an exclusive new song.

This is pretty much essential viewing for Rufus fans, and for those of you who haven’t yet made his aquaintance, an ideal introduction. And then you’ll want the CDs, won’t you?

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[1] And I did watch it twice, once live, once while I was transferring the recording to DVD

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