Which Family Guy Character Are You?

I love Family Guy. The three seasons so far were all brilliant stuff – subversive, surreal and very strange. Great characters, some outrageously silly situations, and a lot of laughs. The good news is, there’s going to be a new series soon, thanks to a lot of fans complaining very loudly.

While you’re waiting for the new shows, you can have a go at yet another silly quiz thingy. Find out which character you are! I’m not quite sure how it worked out my result, though:

Edit: Bother. The quiz seems to have been removed. For anyone desparate to know, it alleged that I was Meg, which will come as a surprise to those friends who think I’m more like Stewie…

Another edit: Woo and indeed hoo. I’ve found another one, and this time I’ve kept the image for evidence :grin: . See my result here

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