Daily Archives: Friday, 6th May 2005

The Human Clock

The Human Clock is a lot of fun. It presents a series of photographs, changing each minute of the day. Each picture has the time included in it – sometimes just written on a piece of card, sometimes more creatively. It’s clever. Probably been there for ages, and I’m the last person to notice it.

Here’s another clock page that I know has been around a while. Nifty bit of Flash. Worth a look. Update: it seems to have gone. Shame.

I blame the government!

Well, not really, but I have to blame someone. This morning’s weight was up 204.4 pounds (14 stone 8.4 pounds, 92.7kg). Just another one of those variation thingies.

Had another quite relaxed day, but tomorrow will be more active. A report may follow.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

Yes, well. Election result pretty much as most people predicted: Labour back for a third term[1], Tony Blair still in power, but with a much reduced majority in the House of Commons. The Conservatives have gained some seats[2], and the Liberal Democrats have made a net gain of eleven seats, taking them to 59. Still not enough for them to be the real “third force” that they’re trying to be. Still another 25 or so results to come, but they’re not going to change the situation dramatically.

The theory is that with a reduced majority, Blair will have to pay more attention to the House of Commons (won’t take a lot of disgruntled back-benchers abstaining or voting against the government to give him a problem). I can’t say I’m convinced.

[1] Which is the first time the Labour party has managed that, so people who think things like that are significant will think that’s significant :rolleyes:
[2] But not that many, so there are some signs of sanity around

Watch and learn

Now, I occasionally make the odd acerbic comment about this or that, but there are times when I have to sit back and watch the work of a master. I was reading the latest issue of Fortean Times[1] a little earlier and found a book review which contained these comments:

This is a harmless premise and baby alligators are harmless pets, but they grow. In fact, on finishing Modern Enchantments, my first impulse was to apply the traditional method for dealing with unwanted baby alligators…

Robert Schneck, reviewing “Modern Enchantments” by Simon During

The book in question doesn’t sound all that appealing…

[1] Recommended for anyone even vaguely interested in general weirdness