Daily Archives: Sunday, 8th May 2005

Doctor Who – The Long Game

Good grief, episode seven already. That means there’s only another six to go in this series. And what a series it’s shaping up to be. The interplay between the Doctor and Rose is developing superbly, and that’s what really makes the series something special.

This time, the TARDIS materialises on a huge space station 200,000 years in the future. It’s supposed to be the centre of a huge galactic empire, but something is wrong. Which is just what the Doctor ordered :grin:

While the Doctor and Rose investigate, Adam (who was brought on board last week) manages to get himself into trouble. Trouble that endangers the Doctor, and with the potential to change the course of history itself.

Talking of changing things, the Doctor finds out that the reason things are not as they should be is that the news being distributed from the space station is being manipulated, apparently by the delightfully creepy Editor (played by Simon Pegg). But the Editor is working for someone, or rather something else. Something rather nasty lurking at the highest level of the station. With a little help, the Doctor gets things back on track.[1]

The Doctor and Rose take Adam back home, where he’ll have a lot to explain to his mother. All good fun.

[1] Look, if you want all the details, watch the show[2]
[2] DVDs out soon :wink:

That must have been the walk

Hmmm, maybe I should do long walks more often. This morning’s weight was nicely down to 202.2 pounds (14 stone 6.2 pounds, 91.7kg).

Now all I need to do is get back into doing the exercise routine again, after a couple of weeks off. Maybe tomorrow…