Oww, knees, etc

First, the weight report. Down a wee bit this morning to 202.6 pounds (14 stone 6.6 pounds, 91.9kg). That’s firmly below the psychologicackle 14½ stone mark, which is always a Good Thing. :cool:

Woke up this morning with a troublesome right knee. For a while, it was hard to walk on, but it calmed down enough for walking to work to be not unpleasant. Had a few more twinges from it through the day. I’m not sure if this is a delayed reaction to Saturday’s long walk, or if I slept in an awkward position, or if it’s just random old age stuff :shock:

Whatever it is, it’s nasty enough to put me right off attempting any exercise beyond walking to and from work. :angry: This isn’t good at all, as I’ve already been off the routine for a couple of weeks. But as I don’t want to aggravate whatever is wrong with my knee, I don’t think I’ve got any choice. Just have to watch what I eat while I’m not exercising. Talking of which, Aaron[1] persuaded me to try a different sarnie[10] shop today, and this proved to be a good move. I had a very nice brie and cranberry sauce sarnie[5] in a nice brown roll with a bit of salad[6] and a yummy onion bhaji. Friendly (and slightly wacky) staff, nice prices. I’ll be going back – that’s Universal Export Sandwiches (UES)[7] on Collingwood Street in Newcastle upon Tyne.[8]

[1] My assistant, for non-regular readers[2]
[2] And a big “hello” to you all :grin[3]
[3] And an even bigger “hello” to the nice people who’ve been clicking on my Amazon links and buying things![4]
[4] I’ve earned £0.58 already! I should be able to retire soon!
[5] A long-time favourite
[6] Which included red peppers, mmmm
[7] Universal Exports was the cover company for the secret service in the James Bond books, and mentioned in some of the movies. Nice touch.
[8] And given how thoroughly Google indexes this site, that’s a free advert![9]
[9] So if you’re reading this, guys, a free sarnie would be great :cool:
[10] Note to furriners: sarnie = sandwich

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