Daily Archives: Thursday, 12th May 2005

Another good sarnie

Paid a return visit to Universal Export Sandwiches, who I mentioned the other day, for today’s lunch. Today’s tasty treat was sweet chilli chicken. Sweet chilli is a damn fine flavouring at any time, and combined with a generous portion of chicken and some salady bits made a very nice sandwich indeed. :bouncy:

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good sarnie shop that does brie[1] and a nice selection of spicier stuff. The last two closed down almost as soon as I’d got them nicely trained :eek2: , which was a shame. I’m hoping this one hangs on for a while.

[1] I’m very partial to brie :yes:

It’s random, innit?

Another day, another fluctuation. But a downward one today, so that’s not a bad thing. This morning’s figure was 202.4 pounds (14 stone 6.4 pounds, 91.8kg). Still not feeling up to exercising, though.