Is it just me?

Just saw a TV ad for a soft drink. It shows various people swigging Fanta Light (or was it Lite?) and immediately spitting it out. All of them smiling and generally looking very happy about it all. After all that, a voice over suggests that everyone liked the idea of Fanta Light, but not everyone liked the taste, and hey wow, we’ve got rid of that and we’ve got a new product that actually tastes good.

So, what they seem to be saying is

You know the stuff we used to try to sell you? It was rubbish! But this new one’s great. No, really. Honestly, we mean it this time!!

Now maybe I’m just an old cynic[1], but I just have this feeling that if they lied before, why should we believe them now?

Not that I actually care, you understand. I hardly ever drink that kind of thing anyway, and if I’m going to, I’ll have the version with real sugar if you don’t mind. :smile:

Hmmm. I seem to have made up for not posting at the weekend now :lol:

[1] :yes:

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