Daily Archives: Tuesday, 17th May 2005


Well, well, well. It seems I’m going to TechEd Europe in July. This is a pretty intense week of technical seminars, briefings, discussion sessions[1] run by Microsoft every year. I know people who’ve been to the US version in the past, and I’m assured it’s all very good stuff indeed. It’s a great opportunity to learn from experts, and meet lots of other odd techie people[2]. And with various social gatherings thrown in.

It’s a big event, and a whole new experience for me :eek2:

Oh, and did I mention it’s in, err, Amsterdam?

Yes, I am going to Amsterdam. :bouncy:

You’ll be looking for the flying pigs :pig: :pig: now, won’t you?

[1] Etc, etc
[2] Hmmmm

Must do better

A nice little drop in my weight today – 203.8 pounds (14 stone 7.8 pounds, 92.4kg). Still not feeling motivated enough to do any serious exercise, but at least I’m still walking to and from work. Got home just in time to miss some seriously heavy rain. That would have made my walk home a wee bit soggy…