Top Cat

No, not the cartoon, but a potentially interesting plugin recently announced on the WordPress support forum. What it does is let you choose a main category for posts which have been placed in more than one category[1]. This then allows you to do things to posts based on that main category.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work for me at present. It’s a bit odd, really. If it didn’t work at all, I’d just shrug and wait for the next version. But what I get is what you see below – just two of the categories have got the radio buttons. I think I’ll follow this up on the forums and see where it goes…


[1] Which a lot of mine are

3 thoughts on “Top Cat

  1. Les Post author

    Update: Some time later, I rethought things and abandoned categories in favour of the increased flexibility of tags. So I’m not actually using this now.

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