Woo hoo and eeeowww!

Well, the day started quite nicely. My weight was down quite a bit to 201.4 pounds (14 stone 5.4 pounds, 91.4kg), which is the lowest it’s been since October last year. Yay, etc. :bouncy:

Busy day at work, then I started walking home. Aaargh. :???: I hadn’t got all that far when my left knee started to hurt. I’ve had the odd knee pain on and off for a couple of years[1], and I generally just cope with it. But this was bad enough that I felt that walking all the way home would be a bit too painful.[2] So, I got the bus home from Gateshead Metro. Knee hurt some more when I sat down on the bus. And when I went upstairs at home. And for quite a while afterwards. :cry:

It seems to have settled down a bit now, so I’m hoping it was just a brief problem, possibly triggered by having to do some under-desk crawling today[3]. It’ll probably be better tomorrow. I’m sure nobody will be surprised that I decided to take the night off the exercise bike.

On a lighter note, my plane ticket and hotel reservation documents arrived today. That’s for my little trip to TechEd in July. It still feels really strange to think that I’ll be finally getting round to leaving the country[4], getting on a plane, and indeed going to Amsterdam[7]. Still, it’s about time I had some new experiences. :laugh:

[1] Less often and less severe since I started (a) taking glucosamine and (b) lost a wee bit of weight
[2] Have I mentioned that I don’t like pain?
[3] My assistant Aaron normally does that, but since he’s on holiday in Mexico, I have to do it, mutter, mutter.
[4] Well, I’d sort of been thinking of doing it, but I have this problem with tuits[5]
[5] Mostly round ones[6]
[6] Never seem to be able to find them
[7] Funny. I had sort of half-planned that I would take a trip there myself. And now I’m being sent there.