55 Degrees North

You know, there’s something really weird about seeing familiar places on TV. Err, no. That’s not quite what I mean. What’s weird isn’t so much the familiar places as the odd way they get rearranged for the purposes of TV.

55 Degrees North, apart from being the latitude of Newcastle and an apartment block that used to be the regional BT offices, is a BBC crime drama now in its second series. It’s watchable enough, and quite entertaining, but I keep getting odd feelings of disassociation[1] when watching it.

Now I can understand that there are all manner of complications in finding locations, and that interiors and exteriors may well be completely different places, and that things are often not what they seem, but it is rather distracting, when I see the currently empty building next door to an office I worked in for over ten years is (a) pretending to be a fictional building society and (b) apparently on a different road from the one it’s always been on. This caused me to shout

That’s not Pilgrim Street, it’s bloody Collingwood Street!

And then there’s the bits where somebody’s chasing someone, and they run down one street, turn a corner and they’re suddenly half a mile away. It’s very distracting, and I keep wondering how they got where they are…

I’m sure this happens all the time with TV and movies, but it’s not often I watch something set so firmly in territory I know so well.

[1] That’s the big word for May :rolleyes:

2 thoughts on “55 Degrees North

  1. Les

    Oooh, vaguely. Didn’t see many episodes, but didn’t he have a flat with an impossible view of the Swing Bridge? Or is my brain making that up?

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