Patrick Wolf – Wind in the Wires

I first heard of Patrick Wolf from an article in the NME a while back. I was interested enough to find some online samples somewhere[1]. And those interested me enough to get hold of Wind in the Wires, his second album.

So what have we got here? Hmmm, well. Lots of things, mostly going on at the same time. At one level, it could quite reasonably be described as “folk music”, from the instruments used[2], the feel of the tunes and indeed the lyrics. But blended in with all that are an array of effects, noises, and general oddness[3] that makes the album into something altogether more interesting.

Opening track The Libertine sets the scene quite nicely:

But I still have to go
I’ve got to go, so here I go
I’m going to run the risk of being free

I like that – understanding that freedom isn’t necessarily a safe option.

The album was written and recorded in Cornwall, after Patrick left London, and you can feel the wind and the waves on the rocky shore in these songs, as the conventional instruments and electronic effects blend with Patrick’s voice to create an atmosphere that’s quite distinct and which grows with repeated listening. The title track is a good example:

Wind in the wires
It’s the sigh of wild electricity
I’m on the edge of a cliff
Comfort and security

And there’s more. Much more, but I’ll just mention one more song. Lands End would seem to be ever so slightly autobiographical:

The work is done and the record pressed
Now you’re doing battle with the fickle press

So you tell ’em
“I’m leaving London for Lands End
With a green tent and a violin…”

It’s all intriguing, atmospheric stuff. I like it (as you might have gathered). I’ll be backtracking to get hold of Patrick’s first album, Lycanthropy[4]. A report on that may appear here later.

[1] Me? Remember where? You must be confusing me with someone else :lol:
[2] Viola, grand piano, ukulele, accordion, etc – all played by Patrick
[3] And anyone who knows me will understand that to be a compliment :wink:
[4] I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright noooowww!![5]
[5] Yes, it’s an old joke. I do a lot of those :grin: