Heading down and out

Hmmm, that’s a bit better. Today’s weight is down a wee bit to 202.6 pounds (14 stone 6.6 pounds, 91.9kg). Did the usual walk to and from work – it was quite a nice day for it, too. Bright and sunny, so my trendy designer shades :cool: were required. It was a wee bit windy though, which wasn’t so nice.

When I mentioned that I would aim to do some more exercise bike type stuff tonight, I sort of forgot that I’m going out tonight :duh: . So, no more exercise until tomorrow. And I’ll probably need it as there will be food and a wee drinkie or two involved tonight. :bouncy:

And, err, one more thing. I seem to have been posting a lot this month. This item will make it 63 posts in May, compared with only 39 in April. Hmmm. All total nonsense of course.

More of the same next month. :laugh: