Another new toy

Well, I’d had my work laptop for a couple of years, and while it’s still quite a nice machine, it’s a little bit too heavy sometimes. So it was time for a change. And here it is – my shiny new Dell D410. It’s a similar size to my personal Toshiba, but a wee bit quicker. Got it mostly set up now, with just a few more bits to transfer before I can wipe the old one and make it available to someone else.



One thought on “Another new toy

  1. Les

    That was posted from my camera phone via Flickr, which is quite handy for that kind of thing. The only thing it won’t do is let me flag the message with the appropriate category, so the odd manual edit is sometimes needed. But it does get the picture and a comment online very quickly, so I’m not complaining. :no:

    It’s quite cool really. :bouncy:

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