Doctor Who – Boom Town

Ooooooh!! Now this episode was a lot of fun. For most of the series, Cardiff[1] has been playing the part of London[4], but for this one, the Capital City of Wales was allowed to appear as itself. Most of the action took place in the regenerated Cardiff Bay area.

The Tardis has stopped off in Cardiff to refuel from the energy of the Time Rift that was involved in the Victorian fun and games in an earlier episode. Rose’s boyfriend Mickey arrives with Rose’s passport, which she claimed to need. The Doctor and Captain Jack work on the Tardis while Rose and Mickey go for a drink.

Cardiff has a new Lord Mayor – and it’s not someone you’d want to see in charge of your city. It’s Margaret, one of the Slitheen we met in Aliens of London. She had managed to escape the destruction of Downing Street in the earlier episode, and now has a cunning plan to escape from Earth. She plans to demolish the lovely Cardiff Castle[5] and build a rather large nuclear power station in its place, in a project called Blaidd Drwg – Welsh for “Bad Wolf”.

The Doctor foils Margaret’s plan, only to find that the Slitheen has more than one trick. And he realises that Bad Wolf, whatever that might be has been, err, dogging him and Rose throughout. Is it just coincidence, or is there something more sinister going on?

The on-screen body count was low for once, but it seems that a lot of people involved in the Blaidd Drwg project met with unfortunate accidents.

Expect more death and destruction next week – it seems there are some more Daleks about…

[1] Which regular readers[2] might recall is my place of origin :cymru:
[2] Both of you[3]
[3] At a generous estimate :rolleyes:
[4] Except for the episode where Swansea played the part of Victorian Cardiff
[5] A glorious mix of Roman, Norman and barking mad Victorian architecture. Well worth a visit.